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IFR Training
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IFR Flight Training

IFR Flight Training.

A Free IFR Training Course for YOU!

This website offers a free online IFR course. IFR tutorials are published in the Click School. You can use them to prepare for an intensive 10-day instrument course or simply as refresher training. A flight review tutorial is also posted. Just click the lesson links above. Don't forget to keep notes for ground school discussions with your CFI.

About Us

You're getting an instrument rating or refreshing your IFR knowledge and I'm interested in teaching you one click at a time. I've been a designated pilot examiner, corporate chief pilot, flight instructor, airline pilot and airplane mechanic. These tutorials let me pass along the insights I've gained from my years as a professional pilot. That's how this page is "About Us". We're really a team in these tutorials, like a captain and copilot.